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Online & Offline

Content is at the heart of today’s social media marketing as businesses use the various online social media platforms to demonstrate expertise, to communicate, educate, inform and engage customers.


These contents are not only limited to Online presence but “Offline” Out-Of-Home advertising as well, like In-Store Displays or Digital Ad spaces such as video walls or billboards.


Here at Gravitate, we have the post expertise to make sure that your content is on spec and ready for a larger audience.

Speak to our producers about your upcoming online and offline content and we’ll be sure to provide for all your Post-Production needs.


Colour grading is an essential part of the Post-Production workflow. Styling and crafting the raw digital film to create imageries that evokes emotion and drama in a compelling way. For commercials and content, besides adding value to the production, the intent to communicate feelings and emotions through colour remain the same.


Our colourist of more than a decade of experience will be the artist and technician of your cinematic post-production journey. Be assured that your content will be transformed and your visionary expectation surpassed.

Visual Effects or VFX is a key element in a content’s visual journey. Many times a scene will need cleaning up where things appear or disappear with a stroke of a wacom pen.

To that end, we work hand in hand with agencies and production companies that may require VFX supervision on-location shoot, assisting them with production to post-production workflow.


Film & Mini

GRAVITATE is proud to be a part of some of the best content producers in the region be it for Feature Films or Short films, Documentaries and Mini-Series or Web-Series. Since our inception in 2013, we have seen through the creation of many quality as well as award-winning content. Our team are ready to bring your creation to new heights.

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